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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise Weekend  NBC  February 21, 2016 5:00am-5:59am EST

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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. >> right now, gunfire, a chase, and a crash all in orlando' s parramore neighborhood. >> tonight, i am suspending my campaign. >> jeb bush' s presidential push now over. what this means for the
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it is race day in daytona beach. we are keeping a close eye on that daytona 500 forecast. thanks for joining us. i am tara more alongside dave cocchiarella. >> this is one of those stressful weather forecast a' s because, desk forecast days, because -- forecast days , because is it going to rain? >> it is cool out there, temperatures in the 50' s. beautiful day, there is going to be some clouds. temperatures heading into the middle 70' s. 48 in ocala, about where we were yesterday morning. 65 daytona. milder in brevard county. we do have clouds to the north
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thick cloud deck south east of i-4. it is not going to be a big deal for you. temperatures get into the middle 70' s at the coast line, the upper 70' s for the interior locations. we are beginning to talk about rain in the forecast but not today. i will have that coming up. >> 5:02. we are looking for answers in a parramore shooting that sent for people to the hospital. gunfire erected after 5:00 last night. outside the s and w food -- food mart. wesh 2 was there as police surrounded the suv. police no longer looking for a suspect.
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>> bush has many things to be proud of. he is an extraordinary husband, father, the greatest governor. >> the developments out of the south carolina primary. the only competition left in the race for president now complementing his former opponent. jeb bush decided to end his presidential bid last night. nbc has declared marco rubio just barely ahead of senator ted cruz. how the race changes as republicans move on to nevada. >> is the second victory in a row for donald trump. first in the south. >> we are going to start winning for our country. let' s have a big win in nevada.
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s have a big win. >> as they cast their ballots, mainstream republicans flocked to marco rubio, -- rubio. >> tonight, the message is clear. this country is ready for a new generation of conservatives to guide us into the 21st century. >> ted cruz kept his spot in the top tier of three. >> we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat donald trump. >> jeb bush finished in fourth and quit the race with a parting shot. >> we put innovative conservative plans to address the challenges we face. despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters. >> in nevada, hillary clinton lost her once big lead in the
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-- still won . >> i am grateful to my supporters out here. we never doubted each other. >> union leaders had pushed a big of a credit caucus turnout , which helps nullify bernie sanders' s surge. >> we heard from many of you about jeb bush' s decision to drop out of the race. winston wrote "i did not like his brother as president but i think jeb would have made a great president. " "didn' t he just say he was in it for the long haul? " you can tell us what you think on facebook or twitter.
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-- adrian whitsett. >> a suspect is in custody after a deadly shooting rampage in michigan. a man opened fire in three different places in the city of kalamazoo, killing seven people. the majority were shot in a restaurant parking lot. one was a 14-year-old girl . a father and son were killed in a car dealership. police are questioning the suspect trying to figure out a motive. edward snowden says he is willing to return to the u.s. but only if he is guaranteed a fair trial. snowden spoke to his supporters in new hampshire last night from russia. he has lived there since he leaked the details of a government spying program in 2013. snowden is facing 30 years in prison.
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the writer who hit and killed a woman on the sidewalk has also died. he was identified as clayvon foster. >> florida highway patrol says the victim died after being struck by a dirt right. -- dirtbike. >> i could remember looking at her. what was going on? >> elaine ewing witnessed the accident. she saw two men racing along the sidewalk. two other witnesses also tell me the men were racing. they were doing at least 40 miles an hour. a dirtbike with the number 99 laid on the ground. as hp confirms -- fhp confirms
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>> i kept telling her don' t move. she kept squirming around trying to get up. don' t move. she is just kind of moaning. >> there may have been a group of motorcyclists and atvs traveling together at the time. none remained on scene. >> i did not see where they went to. i was more concerned with trying to help people. >> ewing calls this heartbreaking. >> you can' t walk out the door before. >> the woman who died is 59-year-old maria ward of orlando. this crash remains under investigation. >> we are hearing the captain'
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final calls for health -- help just minutes before the el faro sank in the middle of hurricane joaquin. >> the clock is ticking. can i please speak with a cute guy? -- can i please speak with a qi? >> they reveal the problems right before the ship went under. we have a whole breach. we have watered down in three holes with a heavy lift. >> some family members filed a lawsuit. the coast guard will determine if misconduct or negligence caused the thinking. >> drivers will start their engines for the daytona 500 this
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if you are not going to the race, police are asking you to use lpga boulevard. for the first time in nearly a decade, the daytona 500 is a sellout. fans will have a new experience at the speedway. a all new stretch. >> you walk around the outside of the track. it is staggering to look at. >> they are more accessible down here. >> you don' t have to wait. it opens in a couple of hours at 7:00 a.m. with the stadium gates opening at eight. prerace activities include a
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the race gets going at 1:00 this afternoon. all eyes on you dave. we need that perfect forecast. >> that is exactly what we are going to get. mid 70' s over in volusia county , partly cloudy skies, a few more clouds early on. look at this gorgeous shot of lake eola. we saw that as well as they kind of broke up during the afternoon hours. 56 degrees in orlando, may see some patchy fog but it has not developed yet this morning. 55 in leesburg, 55 currently in daytona beach and 58 in the melbourne area. nice forecast. clouds stream particularly to the north but not a big deal. quickly through the 60' s
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afternoon, we are talking about the mid-70' s. mid-70' s sounds like t-shirt weather. we have had some fans that have written in and tell folks that like jackets are not the worst thing to have in the shade. i will be back with your seven-day outlook. >> a mother and daughter left for dead in their pot and hills home -- pine hills home. >> i don' t understand what a woman and her daughter can do to make you commit the act that you did. >> next, a brokenhearted husband and father' s grief. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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that you only had an effect on those two. there is a lot more other people affected by this. s message to a killer who left his wife and teenage daughter dead. family members came across the country to remember maria sanchez and destiny banuelos. >> candles and teddy bears and roses. that is what loved ones lined the curve of the home with. crime scene tape lined the home
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sanchez and 16-year-old destiny banuelos were found shot to death. a man who lives in the home made the gruesome discovery. >> it was not just maria and her daughter. for more other kids at home are left behind. >> jerry ledbetter was married to maria. he since left for work back home in portland oregon with the children. maria stayed behind and destiny recently joined her. >> the family could be together again. but that is not an option. >> jerry and other family members made the cross-country trip to rank arrangements -- make arrangements and find answers. he hopes the person responsible for the killing comes forward. >> i don' t understand what a woman and her daughter can do to make you commit the act that you
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there are other people affected by this. i hope you are brought to justice. >> hundreds of local people are coming together with a message. and gun violence and stop the silence. the crowd marched for the sanford police department yesterday. the goal is to rally against gun crime. their slogan was put your gun down, put your hands up. >> absolutely awesome that people have finally woke up and started to take notice that gun violence is becoming an epidemic. >> jones lost her brother to gun violence shortly after he returned home from a two or -- tour in afghanistan.
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chief daniel brown is retiring . brad andrews will take on that role. the president of seaworld san diego will take over as chief operations of the server. chris does will be the new zoological officer. everybody is going to be had it to daytona today. >> we are going to watch a race and have a good time. i wanted to be in charge of the dolphins. >> that sounds like a very efficient title. why can' t you get paid to do that? >> why not? kissimmee, we have got a big fair going on. everyone should get outside today because it is going to get
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we have some fine weather in the forecast for today. i will have your seven-day in just a couple of seconds. daytona, 55 degrees. 48 in ocala and 58 in the melbourne area. it is a pleasant morning, typical for the time of year. usually we are in the fit -- mid-50' s to start. that cloud deck across the northern part of the state, yesterday this was down over melbourne. it is going to be a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. overall, pretty perfect weather and lets of. headed out to volusia county. weather is not going to be the issue. traffic will be. keep it cool on the roadways. partly cloudy skies in volusia. mid-70'
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by tomorrow we start to see rain in the southern counties. into the evening, into tuesday, cloudy skies and showers around. wednesday, a new system bringing in energy into the evening hours. a line of thunderstorms moving through on wednesday. changes that aren' t great, but then it turns beautiful for friday. 3, 4, 5 degrees above normal for this time of year. 80 in ocoee and kenansville. 74 in new smyrna and daytona as well. it is the princess. the half marathon -- at disney' s. a long way to run on a sunday morning. beach and boating forecast, 2-3 feet.
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small craft should exercise caution. great, ok, not so great, kind of crummy, then beautiful. i will be back with more. >> 5:22, a milestone miles above the earth. the countdown starting on the international space station. you won'
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>> the countdown is on two astronauts scott kelly' s final days of his year in space. kelly tweeted this is stunning image and said "day 330."
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kelly is spending a year in iss to see how it impacts the human body. scott kelly and a russian cosmonaut will return to earth on march 3. 50 cent has to explode -- explain his instagram pictures to a judge. he tweeted pictures of himself holding stacks of hundred dollar bills. his legal team says he will show up but it is not clear when. did your instagram pictures with the hundred dollar bills get you in trouble? >> i had to explain both of them. bills? >> he is having trouble but lots of folks are excited because it is oscar season.
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i have seen none of the films. but i want to see them. check this out. leo dicaprio, buddy of mine, there is this new game. and oscar themed arcade game. leo must face off against opponents on it -- his way to the oscar. it started out as a joke but turned into a full grown -- full-blown project. >> yes. when you want to sit down and chill out and watch a movie, you want to be relaxed. >> when he was in romeo and juliet, set movie -- it was so cool. and the aviator. >> coming up, a new development
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how off-duty
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>> get (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. >> right now, for people shot in parramore. the chase and crash and questions that remain this morning. >> this has become a three-person race and we will win the nomination. >> jeb bush becomes a casualty of the south carolina primary. how the republican race has been transformed. thanks for joining us for sunrise. i am carol moore. can you believe it? >> the party is going on right now. >> how is the weather looking? >> everywhere in central florida, we are looking at some son out there. that is a massive place. i can'
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the sun is not quite up. right now, it is the moonset that we are watching. it is on the cool side. it is sort of their. it is behind some clouds. it is officially, the creepy moonshot. in daytona right now, we are seeing temperatures in the mid-50' s. we are headed into the mid-70' s. those clouds will be around a good bit of the day. mid-50' s, even low 60' s for the barrier islands. most today, in the mid-upper 70' s. changes in just a few minutes. >> 5:32 now. we are looking for answers in a parramore shooting that sent for people to the hospital. -- sent four people to the
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there was a chase and crash that ended at least avenue and long street. -- lee avenue and long street. they are no longer looking for a suspect. three of the four victims are seriously hurt. as soon as we learn more about what happened we will pass it along to you. searchers looking for a missing orlando newborn will return to a retention pond. they drained it in hopes of finding baby willow. the mother gave birth on silverstar road. susan richardson admitted to giving birth and then abandoning the baby. richardson remains in jail on neglect charges. we are hearing from the orange county sheriff' s deputy who was run over while on duty. the sheriff' s office released this video from sergeant marcy pierce.
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i have four stitches in my eye over here. i have got quite a bit of swelling around my eye and into my head. >> pierce went on to thank those who are supporting her after the crash. she was trying to arrest jancarlos ortiz on burglary charges when he hopped into a car and hit her. >> information overnight on a deadly dirtbike crash. the writer was killed in addition to the woman walking on the sidewalk. two men on dirt bikes were racing down powers drive saturday when one of them hit marie lousaka of orlando. -- marie lous sant of orlando. neighbors were sund -- stunned.
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>> troopers are asking anyone who saw the crash to give them a call. >> i congratulate my competitors that are remaining on the island. on their success for a race that has been hard-fought. just as the contest for the presidency should be because it is a tough job. >> with jeb bush out of the race for the white house there are five candidates left. south carolina proved to be the former governor upon raking point that gave senator marco rubio the boost he was looking for. nbc declared rubio the second-place finisher kind donald trump. >> it is tough, nasty, mean, vicious, beautiful. [laughter] >> when you win, it is
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>> ted cruz , barely in third, has his site -- sites set on a front runner. >> we are the only campaign that can be donald trump. -- beat donald trump. is just national captioning i
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>> the shootings took place last night in parking lots in a restaurant, car dealership, and apartment complex.
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>> brevard county sheriff' s office is honoring this deputy for his off-duty arrest of a robbery suspect. matt simpson found out the community credit union was robbed. he saw a man acting suspicious and called in to get a description. it matched and helped arrest andrew read --andrew reed. >> engines will roar for the annual daytona 500 . fans can expect many of traffic -- many traffic. use bellevue road or lpga boulevard. backups are expected on i-95 and i' ve for. fans will get a chance to check out the renovations between the new front stretch seats and concessions.
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of course, the big race. we can start checking things out there at 7:00 this morning. never too early to get ready for the 500. >> temperatures in the mid-70' s, everyone is going to be out there. florida weather is the best weather. downtown orlando is looking quite nice. a little bit of cloud cover in the forecast, but nothing is going to have any impact. most of us in central florida headed to somewhere between 75 and 79 degrees. it may actually touch on 80. do have some changes. right now, 48 in ocala, 52 in villages. 58 in the melbourne area. lakeland coming in right now at
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today, we are going to see temperatures in the 70' s. most of you are in the low-mid-50' s. the full seven-day forecast coming up in a couple minutes. >> speed and surprises expected in daytona. the youngest in history will lead the charge. chase elliott stole the so -- show in the xfinity season opener. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at i need new carpet. ok. i have two dogs. and a husband. house trained? my husband? no, the dogs. sometimes. i'd suggest stainmaster pet protect carpet. why? incredibly durable and stain resistant. that's why they call it master it's... i got it. now get free basic installation with purchase of stainmaster carpet and pad,
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>> the nascar orchestra building to a great crescendo at daytona this weekend. one can only hope the figurative cymbal crash that begins the daytona 500 will be the only significant crash of the day. xfinity cars driving around yesterday in the first event of their new season. the good news is there was no big one on this day. here is early caution on the backstretch that involved bobby
5:46 am
it is chase elliott, the 20-year-old in front on the final lap and blocking defending champ joey logano coming out of turn four. a great weekend for elliott who takes checkered. legato is third. -- logano is third. >> that is one of the few times i have been in that position. a lot of it was just -- just tried to block the lanes. my spotter up top told me which lanes were coming and what we were doing and fortunate the it worked out. >> 40 cars taking green this afternoon in the 58 daytona 500. it is easily the most tedious. -- most prestigious.
5:47 am
says how this can change her life. -- your life. >> this is a special feeling that has defined my career. i am introduced as a daytona 500 winner. as a kid i would drive down here to watch it. to say i was fortunate enough to win it, it is a great feeling. >> green flag just after 1:00 this afternoon. will elliott become one of the youngest 500 champions ever? we will have the postmortem tonight at 6:00. the huge first-half lead was 30-13 with eight minutes to go on the first half. the game completely turned in favor of the gators who went on a 20-nothing run.
5:48 am
into overtime when carolina finally gained and add. gators with a great comeback but unable to finish the job. 73-69. florida state loses on the road and stetson loses at home. what should have been a terrific matchup became a complete bust for the hurricanes. downgraded to a tropical depression. throat. field open the second half. bouncing back nicely from that loss to duke. 96-71. bad news for the solar bears who lose in a shootout to indy. have a great sunday everybody. cara: richard petty is at
5:49 am
race today. he is judging the whole hall challenge this morning. you can put your skills to test . the winner gets to go to the ultimate eating showdown in miami. the winner also gets 2017 daytona 500 tickets and autographed memorabilia. i was thinking, what can dave do for his inaugural daytona 500? i think we just had the answer. >> i should eat a wholehearted? >> -- i should eat a whole on . -- hog. >> that is lake eola. isn' t that just soothing? temperatures right now in the mid-50' s, near the 40' s.
5:50 am
51 degrees, 47 in bush low. northwestern parts of volusia county 54 as well. 55 degrees down in celebration, over to the coast we see 60 in merritt island. 61 in melbourne beach. so much happening weather-wise, it has got to be a great forecast. big chunk of the country is looking at fairweather. at this hour, chile -- chile -- chilly weather. big system moving across the new england states. showers here, moving out of the ohio valley. some snowfall, back to the
5:51 am
of oh -- oha . cloud cover coming in from the south. low clouds sliding in with that southeast flow. cloudy skies part of the forecast for us today, other -- otherwise really nice. tomorrow, we begin to talk about showers in the forecast. tuesday, more cloud cover. wednesday, that is when the next front arrives. late wednesday, some stronger of -- stronger thunderstorms. 78 in paisley as well . 78 holocaust. -- holopah. brevard county, palm bay, 76.
5:52 am
osceola county fair, great day for you. here is that seven-day forecast. cooler by the end of the week. >> time to rise and shine. the daytona 500 finally here
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>> fans are not the only ones who are going to get a different experience during the daytona 500. drivers will see cheering from the fans in the newly renovated speedway. >> i know that when drivers get on the track the last thing they are thinking about is the stands. but even these veterans who have not seen this for the first time without anyone in the stands, that is going to be awe-inspiring. >> it will be. what a different view. when you look up now, you really get the feeling that you are in
5:56 am
similar to what an nfl player would see. when they come down this backstretch right here, we are used to seeing all of these stands but those stands are gone. it is a completely different look. >> this is my first time driving back here myself and i think of you compared to what we had before, the beach in the background, the airport front and center, a view back from the 1980' s. >> the most important part of the speedway really hasn' t changed. >> the race is very important. people come to see the stars and they want to see them racing on the high banks. imagine them going 160 miles per hour faster. as you turn here, you get a stadium view.
5:57 am
-- imp actful view for all the drivers. cara: that was pat clarke reporting. check out our west two news special -- wesh 2 news special online. a turn of events for a former and as a contractor. -- nsa contractor. what could bring edward snowden back to the u.s.. a man travels back -- across the country to claim the bodies of his wife and daughter. and the captain' s call as time runs out for the doomed ship el faro.
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temperatures in theth announcer: local, live, late-breaking.


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